Collectd Developer Reference

Collectd Plugin for Receiver or arbiter

class module.module.Collectd_arbiter(modconf, host, port, multicast, grouped_collectd_plugins=None, use_decicated_reader_thread=False)[source]

Bases: BaseModule

Main class for this collecitd module

class module.module.Element(host_name, sdesc, interval, last_sent=None)[source]

Bases: object

Element store service name and all perfdatas before send it in a external command

add_perf_data(mname, mvalues, mtime)[source]

Add perf datas to this element. :param mname: The metric name. :param mvalues: The metric read values. :param mtime: The “epoch” time when the values were read.


Look if this element has data to be sent to Shinken. :return

  • None if element has not all its perf data refreshed since last sent..
  • The command to be sent otherwise.
Returns:The last “full” update time of this element. i.e. the metric mininum last update own time.
Returns:True if this element is ready to have its perfdata sent. False otherwise.

This function is called by the module manager to get an instance of this module